The Storied Imaginarium

The Storied Imaginarium offers creative writing courses for the wicked, the damned, the curious, the wild and the strange.

In each of our generative writing courses, you will be supported in creating a suite of your own original short stories (or poems!) inspired by traditional tales from folklore, fairy tales, and mythology.

Guided by our experienced and passionate writers and teachers, you will read and discuss a range of traditional tales, alongside contemporary works that draw on those tales. Each tale is paired with a cultural or scientific concept to inspire your writing: anything from fatal fashion to mitochrondial DNA.

The Storied Imaginarium has been running online generative writing workshops since 2016 and now has participants from destinations worldwide. Writers have published stories from workshops in a wide array of anthologies and magazines including Apex MagazineBeneath Ceaseless SkiesClarkesworldDaily Science FictionEscape PodFantasy MagazineMermaids Monthly, and PULP Literature. Check out stories published by our workshop participants and our testimonials page. Our flexible program and synchronous remote format makes it possible for writers to connect from different countries working across multiple time zones, which creates an engaging and exciting community!

Upcoming courses:

  • Snow White sampler: a FREE course sample that offers you a deep engagement with one tale, including examples of the tale from a range of historical and cultural contexts, discussion questions, and writing prompts. Click here for more details.
  • Intersections: Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Myth is a fully interactive workshop featuring weekly writing workshops facilitated by an experienced instructor, supported by a rich array of fairy tale and folklore readings, discussion prompts and discussions, writing prompts and exercises, and personalized feedback on your work. This generative writing workshop is offered in a synchronous remote forum via Zoom. Registration for The Season of the Bear is currently OPEN. The course meets for 12 weeks from March through May 2023. Fee: $600.

Materials for THE SEASON OF THE BEAR include:

MODULE 1: Bear Tales & Hibernation
MODULE 2: The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf & Extremophiles
MODULE 3: Baba Yaga & Fairy Tale Architecture
MODULE 4: The Boy Who Did Not Know What Fear Was & The Science of Fear
MODULE 5: Hades and Persephone & Sinkholes

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