The Storied Imaginarium

Spring 2018 Workshops

Ereshkigal HecateMonstrous Women II: A Feminist Approach to Myth and Magic

This intensive, online writing workshop explores the theme of Monstrous Women in literature and myth in a series of modules designed to prompt story generation over the course of 16 weeks. Monstrous Women II will be offered in Spring 2018 and will include the following modules: The Shifting Shapes of Animal Brides, The Seductive Allure of the Femme Fatale, Weeping Women and Tearful Prophecies, The Female Descent into Hysteria and Madness, Women’s Vengeance Unleashed, and Mayhem in Numbers and the Sacred Three. Registration opens November 1.  Space is limited.

goose girl1Intersections: Science Fiction, Fairy Tales and Myth

This intensive, online writing workshop explores the theme Intersections: Science Fiction, Fairy Tales and Myth in a series of modules designed to prompt story generation over the course of 16 weeks. Participants will explore fairy tales, folk tales, and world myths with links to scientific themes ranging from cosmic theory to futuristic technology. Fairy tales and myths explored in Spring 2018 include Elves and the Shoemaker & Wearable Technology; Sleeping Beauty & Science of Dreams; Nuada of the Silver Arm (The Mabinogion) & Cyborgs; The Goose Girl & Future of Facial Recognition; Trickster Tales & Military and Spy Technology; The Nightingale & Artificial Intelligence; Hansel and Gretel & Genetic Trauma; Arachne Myth and Spiderwoman Stories & Cosmic Web; Diamonds and Toads & Earth’s Dwindling Resources; and Maenads & Science of Addiction. Registration opens November 1.  Space is limited.

finishingschoolFinishing School

This intensive, online workshop provides a space for writers to complete unfinished projects and share them with their peers in a supportive critiquing environment over the course of 16 weeks. In Finishing School, participants will also discuss issues of craft, the writing life, submissions, networking, and netiquette. While we do not presume to “finish” our writers, we do aim to help them polish their skills on and off the page. Registration opens November 1.  Space is limited.

Teaching Philosophy 

I have been blessed with wonderful students of all abilities, many of who have gone on to publish in semi-pro and pro markets. As a writer, I feel that it’s important to constantly be searching for ways to improve my craft. I hold with this belief in my writing instruction, which is why I favor an in-depth, inquisitive critique style. I believe that as long as a student is open to the possibility of improvement, there is always something new to learn.

Student Endorsements

“Carina is a great teacher—insightful, resourceful and empathetic. It was Carina who encouraged me to get my stories out, even when they’d rather skulk in the corners of my brain, then revise and send my work out to publishers. She helped me think critically about my characters, plot, setting, and everything [else] that makes a story. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future.” – Daniela Tomova, author of “Behind Her, Trailing like Butterfly Wings,” forthcoming in Apex Magazine.

“Carina Bissett is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic workshop leaders I’ve ever seen. Her generous reading, sharp eye for detail, and prolific knowledge of both fairy tales and publishing make her an ideal teacher for novice and practiced writers alike. I heartily recommend any writing program with her at the helm.” –Julia Patt, author of “Whatever Tower, However High,” Escape Pod and “My Dear, Like the Sky and Stars and Sun,” Clarkesworld

“Carina’s classes are intensive and illuminating. I’m impressed with her extensive knowledge of myth and fairy tales, as well as her insightful and kind critique. Plus, there’s lots of writing involved.  Highly recommend!” – KT Wagner, author of “3-D Monarch” in Happily Ever After, “Slipped Stitch” in Dead of Winter, and “Grandma Heloise” at Daily Science Fiction.

“There are three great things about having Carina as a teacher. First, she’s knowledgeable. She knows what markets will take what story, how to go about selling that story, and what needs to be done to get to that point. Second, she knows how to get to that point. She can look at a story and immediately know what feedback to give. I always feel like I have a direction to go after workshopping with her. Third, she has a creative imagination that leads to some amazing prompts and insight. I always felt like I was looking into a deep cave that kept going every time she explained something to us. She opened our brains to new ways of thinking, and that’s really important when it’s a class about fairy tales. If you want to take your writing to the next level, Carina is a teacher you need to work with.”— J.R. Dawson, author of “Nozizwe and Almahdi,” Escape Pod.

“I have now had the pleasure of taking two courses taught by Carina Bissett. The content of her courses was well thought out and very detailed. Carina’s comments were both insightful and constructive, and very detailed. I recommend any course taught by her without reservation.” –Leslie Wibberly