Poems Published

“Between Scylla and Charybdis,” The Future Fire. Forthcoming.

“In Translation,” Stories of the Reconvergence: A Unioverse Anthology, edited by Angie Hodapp and Joshua Viola, Hex Publishers. Forthcoming.

“Carina, Carina,” Under Her Eye: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Black Spot Books. Forthcoming.

“The Mermaids of Magonia,” Fantasy Magazine. February 2023.

“Necrotic Ambrosia,” Space and Time Magazine, Fall/Winter #142. December 2022.

“A Lacing of Lavender,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. IX, edited by Angela Yuriko Smith. November 2022.

“The End of Days,” A Woman Unbecoming, edited by Rachel A. Brune and Carol Gyzander, Crone Girls Press. August 2022.

“My Body, My Book” and “Our Lady’s Bird,” Under Her Skin: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Black Spot Books. April 2021.

“Ars Poisana,” a collaboration with Andrea Blythe, Enchanted Conversation. December 2021.

“Bright Tapestry,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VIII, edited by Stephanie Wytovich. November 2021.

“The Tower,” ARCANA 2021. October 2021.

“Fairy Tale Prohibition,” NonBinary Review #25 Prohibition, Zoetic Press. September 2021. *Nominated for Best of the Net.

“Radiant,” NonBinary Review #24 Industrial Revolution, Zoetic Press. June 2021. *Nominated for Best of the Net.

Lepus antilocapra,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VI, edited by Stephanie Wytovich. November 2019.

“The Perils of Invisibility,” NonBinary Review #21 The Works of H .G. Wells, Zoetic Press. June 2019.

“A Disappearing Act,” “Rose Red, Snow White,” and “Persephone’s Promise,” The Horror ‘Zine. March 2019.

“OH MAD ARACHNE: A Folle in Three Acts,” NonBinary Review #19 Dante’s Inferno, Zoetic Press. December 2018.

“Blood Work,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V, edited by Stephanie Wytovich. September 2018.

“C8 : A Tessellation of Faces, Wings, and other Obscure Things,” NonBinary Review  #17 A Wrinkle in Time, Zoetic Press. July 2018. *Nominated for Best of the Net.

“Reflections,” Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Issue #10. Timeless Tales. July 2018.

“The Savory Taste of Temptation,” The Necro-Om-Nom-Nom-Icon, Sol Nigris PressApril 2018.

“The Sweet Sleep of Roses or, After the Fall,” NonBinary Review #15 We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Zoetic Press, January 2018.*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

“Brother and Sister,” Gingerbread House, June 2016.

“Swimming with the Shark Boys,” Mythic Delirium, May 2016. *Honorable Mention 2016- Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 9 edited by Ellen Datlow.

“Tabula Rasa,” NonBinary Review #7, The Woman in White, Zoetic Press, February 2016.

“Figura Serpentinata,” “Paper Shadows,” and “Tinder,” The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2016, The Horror Zine, January 2016.

“A Houri’s Hymnody,” NonBinary Review #6, Arabian Nights, Zoetic Press, October 2015.

“Duet in D Minor,” “The Making of a Monster,” and “Wolf,” The Horror Zine Magazine Fall 2015, The Horror Zine, July 2015.

“Twelve-Step Tales,” Faery Tale Therapy, Write-On Nanos, November 2014.

“Wild Girl,” NonBinary Review #1 Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Zoetic Press, June 2014.
*Nominated for Sundress Publications Best of the Net Award and the Pushcart Prize.

Wolf,” The Journal of Mythic Art, 2000.

Seven Swans,” The Journal of Mythic Art, 2000.

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